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Black Desert Online: 20 Best Tips Before Level 20 (Part II)

In this second part of my top “20 Best Tips Before Level 20” for Black Desert Online, I review some basic quest features!Continue Reading →

Black Desert Online: 20 Best Tips Before Level 20 (Part I)

This is a series where I’ve decided to break out my top 20 Best Tips Before Level 20 for Black Desert Online into 4 parts.

This is Part I of IV, and it will set you up to connect a node, send a worker, and cook beer!Continue Reading →

Black Desert Online (NA), Tips & Tricks for the New Player [RESOLVED]

I had the chance to play the 2nd Closed Beta Test for Black Desert Online and gathered some tips for noobs like me who are familiar with MMOs but are playing Black Desert Online for the first time. There are lots of new guides in English for this game, but I had trouble finding the answers to these questions so here are the things I wish I knew when I first started playing the game.  Hopefully, they will help you during your first 24 hours of gameplay.Continue Reading →

Blade and Soul, Tips & Tricks for the New Player [RESOLVED]

Blade & Soul is a Free-to-play Korean MMO that released in Asia a few years ago and had its recent debut in the West. I gathered a few general questions & answers for noobs like me who are familiar with MMOs but are playing Blade and Soul for the first time.Continue Reading →

Guest Lecture Series Part I: Finding Common Ground

This is a series where I’ve decided to break out a presentation over the course of several posts. I originally presented the consolidated version of this to a group of Web Design students as a guest lecturer at Philadelphia University. These are some of the points I made during those 2 hours, based upon my experience over the last 15 years.

This is Part I.Continue Reading →

Want to know how to display videos in a responsive layout? Blizzard started doing that pretty well. They just added Overwatch to their launcher and I went to check out their website — it’s pretty sweet. Video teasers just “above the fold”* in the bottom corners at various resolutions, and the character pages use neatly positioned <video> overlays. What do you think?

My first immersive virtual reality 360° “video”

After about a week of toil, I cobbled together a decent 360 “video” rendering. “Video” in quotes, because it’s 1 fps over the course of 50 seconds ¬_¬

Here, I just wanted to show my progression after each discovery, since I think the journey is as valuable as the end product.  (That is a lie, I abhor “the journey” and always just want to get to the end goal.)Continue Reading →

Do you even VR, bro?

On July 8th, 2015, in anticipation of the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, legendary.com/vr let you soar the skies of Azeroth using their VR app.Continue Reading →

First Lei Shen Kill with my Guild, Lost Requiem, on Gilneas

I helped my guild, Lost Requiem, down Lei Shen (a boss in a current raid) on August 8, 2013 and I made it onto the guild’s homepage.  It was a proud moment for me because although I’m not a full-time dedicated raider, it shows I’m a competent backup raider that can handle my class.

Continue Reading →

Built my own PC

After a lot of research in prep to buy a new PC, I decided to heed the recommendation of some of my cohorts and build my own. After all, how hard could it be, right? And it’s supposed to be cheaper. Wrong.Continue Reading →

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