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How to get the best results for your DIY gold foil stationery [RESOLVED]

I planned to purchase foil-pressed stationery from a website, but after realizing it would cost me upwards of $1000, I decided to seek out alternatives.  I experimented for hours, scoured the web, and watched tens of YouTube videos for tips on how to get great results with making gold foil stationery at home, and came up with these results. Hope my findings will save someone else some time and money!Continue Reading →

Box from ShopBot

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First Lei Shen Kill with my Guild, Lost Requiem, on Gilneas

I helped my guild, Lost Requiem, down Lei Shen (a boss in a current raid) on August 8, 2013 and I made it onto the guild’s homepage.  It was a proud moment for me because although I’m not a full-time dedicated raider, it shows I’m a competent backup raider that can handle my class.

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Steampunk Keychain, Vintage Watch Sealed in Resin with Gears and Crystals

Made to last, this steampunk keychain is made from a real vintage watch that has been individually sealed in resin for a durable finish.Continue Reading →

Butterfly Earrings made from a vintage watch part, Czech glass beads, Steampunk Jewelry

These earrings are made from a real mainspring pulled from a vintage watch.Continue Reading →

Steampunk Necklace in Gunmetal, Vintage Watch Encased in Resin, Coppertronic Pendant

The pendant is a real vintage watch carefully set in resin. It hangs on a sturdy sterling silver jump ring then attached to chains in 2 tones, silver and gunmetal.Continue Reading →

Steampunk Necklace, Wire Wrapped Vintage Watch Sealed in Resin, Coppertronic Pendant

Hanging from a generously long 30-inch silver plated, durable soldered chain is a beautiful vintage watch that was cast in resin multiple times for a gorgeous, glossy finish.Continue Reading →

Southwest Inspired Steampunk Necklace, Wire Wrapped Cabochon, Coppertronic Pendant

Gears from real vintage watches float inside this two-toned pendant. I resin-cast this pendant multiple times to get a glass-like, domed appearance.Continue Reading →

Steampunk Wire Wrapped Vintage Watch Encased in Resin

This is a real vintage watch, carefully set in resin.Continue Reading →

Platinum Plated Silver Chain Locket with Watch Parts

This is a real vintage watch, with a 5mm Swarovski crystal set on top.Continue Reading →

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