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Top 11 must-have best cat products

As a cat owner, these are supplies I can’t live without, for quality of life purposes for both myself and my cat. Whether you have a new kitten and you’re not sure what to get, or you have an old furball that needs an extra toy, this is the essential list of cat accessories for your pet.  There’s a plethora of practical, aesthetically pleasing and cat-friendly products out there and I’ve put this together from my most used items for Ysera from the past year.Continue Reading →

Did you know you can get personalized gifts from Amazon?

If you’ve been mulling over what to get your bridesmaids, maid of honor, or even another bride, I have the perfect gift you can give them. I’d like to think of these less as “cheap personalized gift ideas for her” but more as “the highest quality personalized gifts for the best value”!Continue Reading →

How to get the best results for your DIY gold foil stationery [RESOLVED]

I planned to purchase foil-pressed stationery from a website, but after realizing it would cost me upwards of $1000, I decided to seek out alternatives.  I experimented for hours, scoured the web, and watched tens of YouTube videos for tips on how to get great results with making gold foil stationery at home, and came up with these results. Hope my findings will save someone else some time and money!Continue Reading →

An alternative to Selenium IDE for automated UI testing

I haven’t been in QA for the last couple of years but I recently wanted to automate some UI testing that I’ve been doing manually.  When I found out that Selenium IDE no longer supports the latest version of Firefox, I went to look for similar tools and although Ghost Inspector is my favorite, I ended up using a tool called SnapTest for this particular project I was working on.  Here are my thoughts on both of these tools, and why you should use them.Continue Reading →

Want to know how to display videos in a responsive layout? Blizzard started doing that pretty well. They just added Overwatch to their launcher and I went to check out their website — it’s pretty sweet. Video teasers just “above the fold”* in the bottom corners at various resolutions, and the character pages use neatly positioned <video> overlays. What do you think?

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