Hi, I’m RayAna and I’ve decided to try blogging again.

I’m a Philly native.

I’ve lived in South Korea, the Philadelphian suburbs and city proper, and London, UK.

I’m an INTP

I took a quiz that told me who I am.  I’ve been taking these types of quizzes since I was 14 reading Seventeen.

I’m a young professional.

I’m not that young anymore so I guess I’m just a “professional.”

I’m a casual gamer.

I’m also a discipline priest and elemental shaman in World of Warcraft but I don’t introduce myself as that.

I’m a philosopher.

I can call myself that without having a degree in philosophy.

I’m a maker.

I’ve always liked building things and taking things apart and putting it back together.  Legos, racetracks, remote controls, computers, woodshop, shopbot, jewelry metalsmithing, ceramics, videography, machinimas, crocheting, music, pop-up cards, and anything that can be crafted and made, I am into it.

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