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August 2018

How I got over having impostor syndrome

“Is this who I really am? Who am I, really?” — these are questions I asked myself early on in my career as a web developer. Maybe it was because I found myself in situations that seemed too good to be true, and felt like I didn’t deserve it.Continue Reading →

Top 11 must-have best cat products

As a cat owner, these are supplies I can’t live without, for quality of life purposes for both myself and my cat. Whether you have a new kitten and you’re not sure what to get, or you have an old furball that needs an extra toy, this is the essential list of cat accessories for your pet.  There’s a plethora of practical, aesthetically pleasing and cat-friendly products out there and I’ve put this together from my most used items for Ysera from the past year.Continue Reading →

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