I’m taking a break from WoW because I’m wodded out. Coincidentally, I discovered that Blade & Soul released in North America recently after seeing it in the Top Most Viewed games on Twitch last week.  It’s a F2P Korean MMO that released in Asia a few years ago and apparently, it had its much anticipated debut in the West.

You only get 2 character slots by default and I’m currently deciding between leveling a Blade Master or Lyn Blade Dancer (leaning towards the latter), on Yunwa and Taywong.  The graphics aren’t as smooth as Tera, but the action combat style is the same and it’s a refreshing change from Warcraft.  Have I quit WoW forever?  Probably not, as I’ll most likely resub when Legion comes out.

The game took an entire night to download/update patch, and I gathered a few general questions & answers for noobs like me who are familiar with MMOs but are playing Blade and Soul for the first time.  These are just some quick quality of life customizations that you can update in your Settings.  Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

Question: How do I resize the mini-map in the UI?  I want to make it smaller.

Answer: While you’re logged into your character, hit the comma key on your keyboard (the key with the < and , on most keyboards), and it will make your map smaller and give you more vertical space to see your list of quests.

Note that you can also see the FPS at the top

Map is too large.

Blade and Soul, Small Map

Smaller minimap, with more room to see the quest log. She’s looking at her fps.

Question: How do I see my fps ingame?  I want to see Frames Per Second.

Answer: Go to Settings > Graphics > Default Settings > Check Show Frame Rate.  You’ll see the FPS show up when you log into a toon, at the top of the screen.

Show Frame Rate

Show Frame Rate

Question: How can I send mail to my other toons?  I can’t seem to send mail to myself on the same account.

Answer: You have to buy something with real money first, and spend that NCoin. I did QQ about this at first, but you know what, it’s a free game and even WoW only lets you have a free trial account up to level 20, without being able to join a guild or send ingame mail until you sub. You only have to spend your NCoin once, and then you can permanently send ingame mail to your alts within your account (for 10 copper, of course).  The cheapest thing in the store is 400 NCoins for $5 USD and I spent it on getting an extra character slot because I love me some alts.

Question: I play a Lyn Blade Dancer. What’s the difference between Strafe and Blindside??

Answer: Essentially, nothing.  One goes around to the left, the other goes around to the right.  If anything, it’s nice that they’re not on the same cooldown but they both accomplish the same result.

Strafe and Blindside

IRL you can strafe either to the left or right!

Question: Where are screenshots saved?

Answer: Mine were in Libraries > Pictures > My Pictures > BnS

Question: How do I change the camera angle?  I hate the camera angle, I want to zoom out more.

Answer: Go to Settings > Game > Camera > scroll down to Max Camera Distance and increase the value.  This will make it so that you can zoom out more.

Blade and Soul, Camera Options

Question: How do I change the target crosshairs? I’m having a hard time seeing my target, or if I’m targeting correctly.

Answer: Go to Settings > Game > Targeting.  You can customize Crosshairs here.

These are my current crosshair settings

These are my current crosshair settings

More visible when I target an enemy

More visible when I target an enemy

Question: Where’s the Auction House?  What professions are there in Blade and Soul?  At what level I can start my professions?

Answer: All will be revealed when you hit level 15, in Viridian Coast > Jadestone Village.  When you hit lvl 15, you’ll see an extra button when you visit the Dragon Trader (aka your bank guy). Jadestone Village is also the place where you can learn your professions.  Search Youtube for a guide on gathering and crafting professions.

You'll see the Marketplace button at the bottom

You’ll see the Marketplace button at the bottom

Question: What does Manage Appearance do, on the Character creation screen?  Why would I want to use it?

Answer: It works similar to The SIMS Body Shop or SimPE where you can save your character’s model and re-use it for future use.  You’ll need to go to Manage Appearance > Appearance tab > Save Appearance after creating your toon but before you select a server.  When you want to re-use an appearance, go to Manage Appearance > Appearance tab > and hover over the model you want to use and click “Apply.”

You can clone yourself.

You can clone yourself.

Question: How do I get rid of the quest tips in the middle of my screen? It’s not under Customize UI. It’s annoying and I can’t remove it.

Answer: You can’t. It’s only there for the first few quests, but it will persist until you’re out of the starting zone. It will also show up during your training quests.

Question: How do Soul Shields work?

Answer: I found this guide helpful —

Once you make updates to your Settings, it applies account-wide to all your toons, except for Keybindings which is pretty annoying for me since I like to use ESDF instead of WASD.

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