On July 8th, 2015, in anticipation of the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, legendary.com/vr let you soar the skies of Azeroth using their VR app.

I think it debuted at San Diego’s Comic Con —

And from there, my fascination with all things VR exploded into an obsessive weekend poring over articles on YouTube’s #360video, 360° panoramic spherical equirectangular photos, and immersive technology, all driven by a fire in my brain asking how does all this magic work?!

Today, they published this immersive experience onto YouTube so you don’t even need to download the app (which saves my poor old phone almost 500 MB)!

For mobile, view in the YouTube app.

It’s more than a video, folks.  If you’re viewing it on a desktop, pause the video.  Drag your mouse within the video.  Hit “A” or “D” on your keyboard while watching the video — you can move as if you’re inside of the video in first person.  If you have Google Cardboard, you can view this video in goggle mode, which will give you a totally immersive experience.

If you have no idea (nor interest) in what I’m talking about, I’ll explain over the next few weeks, as I myself attempt to make the journey into creating an immersive virtual reality experience and you’ll be convinced this is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen.