After a lot of research in prep to buy a new PC, I decided to heed the recommendation of some of my cohorts and build my own.  After all, how hard could it be, right?  And it’s supposed to be cheaper? Wrong.

I wanted to upgrade my computer to something that would last, and I wanted the best graphics, CPU, etc.  I loved being able to pick out my own parts, the only difficult part was figuring out if the parts were compatible with each other.  My family happened to be over when I had all the pieces in ready to be assembled and my dad was like, “Why is that computer so big?  You know, they make computers these days where all the parts just fit into the monitor and you don’t even need a tower.”  Dad’s trolling me.

Anyway, I was able to put it all together and after a couple weeks of trial and error, I was able to boot up successfully and was proud of building my own computer 🙂 I don’t regret it, even though it cost just as much as buying a pre-made off the shelf — I got better parts for the value, and I installed all the software myself so I knew there wasn’t any bloatware in it.  I even took it to London with me on my brief stint there, and it still works great till this day.

For anyone new to building their own PC, just remember it’s bad luck to turn it on for the first time with the cover on!