this is my first installation artwork.  it was at Temple University, for 3-D Structures class, taught by Pepón Osorio.

it is a separation of private space within public space and i used the theme of Japanese shoji doors to mimic the black iron fence that makes up the 4th wall of the structure. see how the benches are separated into compartments by concrete walls? i decided to take that idea one step further and just construct an enclosed space with a transformed gated-look. it may look calm and sterile on the outside but on the inside, it’s filled with colorful strokes.  a peaceful personal space to contemplate in.

technical details:
maybe i’ll put up the blueprints and the sketches soon.

the structure is made of a wooden frame, covered in cardboard which was then covered with paper, then with painted black strips of wood. the inside is painted with watercolors and each 2 foot panel took about 2 hours to prepare. although not noticeable in the pictures, the ground is actually slightly sloped in 2 different directions so that one corner is higher above all the rest and the bottom part of the walls are not perfectly right angles. this structure can actually fold up and fit into the elevators!